Easily manage booths, staffers and locations on any expo floor


With Hubb’s new staffing tool, organizing booths, staffers and locations has never been easier.

Manage Event Staff Like a Boss

Events are critical in helping an organization achieve its mission, and scheduling staff at an event is an often over-looked, but essential component of managing a large conference. Whether you call them booths, conversation stations or expert locations, you need to be able to ensure you have the right people at the right place at the right time.


Enter the Hubb Staff Manager. Your new best friend.

Hubb Staff Manager

Say goodbye to the scheduling madness and spreadsheet nightmares for good. And put an end to the thousands of emails sent out to staffers regarding countless schedule changes. You can even organize both the speaking and booth schedules of your experts who may be doing double duty. With the Hubb Staff Manager staffers can manage their own schedules so you can focus on more strategic initiatives.

  • Upload expo floor map and determine staffing locations
  • Assign staff based on subject matter expertise
  • Staffing Lead admin can quickly and easily schedule the needed staff for one or more staffing locations using the schedule builder
  • Invite staffers to Hubb to see their schedule and where they need to be
  • Staffers can download their schedule to their own calendar
  • Automatic conflict notifications keeps the Staffing Lead from double-booking any resources
  • In addition to staff, you can also schedule experts at key locations, then publish that information to attendees via the Hubb Expert Finder.


Take your conference to the next level with the Hubb Expert Finder

Enable your attendees to search for solution and product experts, see their availabilities, and find their locations at your conference.

Build your conference planning prowess

 Staff Manager Datasheet
Introducing Staff Manager & Expert Finder Tool
 Expert Finder Datasheet