Hubb Lauches First Annual Event Technology Survey

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Hubb Event Tech Survey is Now Open

At Hubb, our mission is to improve the lives of conference and meeting managers by bringing order out of the chaos of event management. In this age of big data (we are in the business of content management after all) we wanted to take a deeper look into our community’s habits to help shed light on industry best practices. We hope that you will take a few minutes to share your experiences using event technology in a brief survey.

Your feedback will help us uncover new insights that will further ongoing industry dialogue regarding event technology opportunities and challenges. Event technology is a lifesaver when used correctly, but there’s so much to learn about it and so little time to get up to speed! The good news is that there’s a lot we can learn from each other, both from the good habits and the bad. We’ll analyze the results and share valuable takeaways so that you don’t have to go through the hassle and spend time doing the research yourself. These takeaways will hopefully ease the burden of adopting new technology and help you look at your event technology needs and solutions through an informed lens!


You can fill out the quick 5-minute survey here:

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