Making Speaker Management (Almost) Painless

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Painless speaker management
Sign up for our webinar to learn tips to create a¬†painless speaker management¬†program. Watching a conference come to life after months of hard work is rewarding, but that joy can be quickly squashed by thinking of the millions of emails it took to get there. You’re a strategist and a big thinker–you have bigger problems to worry about than constantly reminding each speaker or attendee to submit their bios or herding the cats (we mean graders) to review those abstracts.

Through simple automation, you can increase the productivity of your events team by 67% and get your conference to market faster. More time to market means more registrations. That’s what we call #winning.
Join the webinar, co-hosted by Pathable and Hubb, to learn how you can rock your next conference without breaking a sweat.
This beneficial webinar is for conference and meeting planners of all types. Pathable’s free educational webinars count for one hour CEU credit towards your CMP certification or re-certification. Save your spot by registering today!
Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Time: 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

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