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Our Hero: The Event Manager

Allie Magyar ran some of the biggest events in the tech industry. But she struggled with the sea of spreadsheets and emails it took to make things go. So she and her team created Hubb, event technology software by event planners for event planners. At Hubb, we’re passionate about improving the lives of conference and meeting managers. We love enabling our customers to have more time to create strategic, meaningful experiences for their communities. And we love creating in a team atmosphere that thrives on collaboration, celebration and play.
Event Technology Software for Event manager

How we roll

We love to celebrate our differences, but there’s one thing we share in common. Actually, make that five.

These five values are what makes Hubb, well, Hubb.


Do you Down Dog?

Could be the yoga sessions. Or the personal trainer. Or unlimited time off. Maybe that’s why we’ve been named a Top 10 Healthiest Employer two years running. Or maybe it’s just that we have a passion for living life large, doing great things together, and occasionally laughing really hard.

Abraham Burns

Design Magician

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Adam Flink

Perpetual Dreamer

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Alec Blanton

Bug Control

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Allison Magyar

President / CEO

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Andrew Mofford

Sales Jedi

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Angie Smith

Soft Reporting Developer

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Ashlee Nelson

Technical Support Vulcan

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Brian Gaffney

VP of Sales

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Bryanna Schinina

Technical Support Maven

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Carole Snyder

Code Wrangler

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Dave Kiesel-Nield

Bug Hunter Deluxe

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Dolan Personke

Motion Picture Master Mind

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Doug Henderson

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Georg Langer

George Verey

Sales and Marketing Operations Wizard

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Ed Scott

Gianna Davino

Sales Don

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Heng Hua Wang

Conversion Rate Optimizer

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Ian Bevel

Creative, curious, and energetic male in search of issues with in progress software projects. Non smoker.

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Jasmine McCoshum

Deal Evolution Agent

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Jenna Anderson

Developer Herder

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Joel Abrenica

Customer Success Iron Chef

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Josh Bowlby

Software Slanger

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Josh Vande Krol

Mastermind of Possibilities

Josh Weatherford

Product Temptress

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Kelley Friend

BizzDev Rock Star

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Kiki Grant

Customer Success Manager

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Kirsten Moss

Coffee Drinker

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Kristie Greenwood

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

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Lawrence Hikalea

A genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist. Occasional designer of user experiences.

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Libby Clary

Event Resolution Enthusiast

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Luke Meeks

Bug Hunter

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Merrill Capps

The Title Oracle

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Micah Short

Tech Guy

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Molly Reardon

Customer Success Celebrator

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Nate Swearer

Staff Accountant

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Nanci Meadows

People Champion

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Neil Larion

Software Spelunker

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Nhan-Ai Nguyen

Research Design & Stats Guru

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Raime Merriman

Marketing Director

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Rebecca Anderson

Hubb Client Success Guru

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Robert Norton


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Scott Vande Krol

Software Symbian

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Tim Fish

Vegan Quesadilla Sous Chef and Strategic Accounts

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Tony Hsieh

Software Multitasker

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Trey Childs

Skynet Overlord

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Will Johnson

Partially Pretentious Programming Person

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Hubb allows all the stakeholders involved with planning to use a single, intuitive system and more easily deliver content to attendees. It is the best system that I have used. It is a meeting planner’s dream!”
MICHELLE MOORE, Conference Director, Lightfair


It’s great that our moms love us, but it’s also nice to get a little industry recognition, too. (Our moms like that.)

2018 TiE50 Technology
Startup Finalist

2017 OEN Tom
Holce Awards, Development
Stage Finalist

Event Awards

2017 Event Awards,
Best Event Technology

2017 Eventtech,
Startups to watch

2017 Vancouver Business Journal, Business Growth Awards Start-up of the Year Winner

2016 OEN Tom Holce Awards, Startup Stage Award Winner

2016 Portland Business Journal, Small Business Innovation Award Winner

2016 Event Awards, Event Technology Finalis

2016 Event Technology Awards, Best Conference Technology Finalist

2016 Winner

2016 HR Leadership

2016 Oregon’s Healthiest Places to Work

2016 Growth Stage Winner

2016 Healthiest Employer

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You’re all about teamwork. You love making things better. But you don’t take yourself too seriously. Except when you seriously like to celebrate success. Us, too.

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