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Allie Magyar, CEO

Allie is a skilled entrepreneur and technology maven with over 15 years of experience leading companies and planning events for Fortune 500 companies across the country. As President of Hubb, Allie strives to provide an excellent experience for her clients and a creative and fun environment for all her employees.

Give Your Content Wings

Don’t stuff your message in a box. Give your content some breathing room.

When planning our events we often ask ourselves:

What is the next big thing we can bring to our event?
  1. How can we innovate?
  2. What awesome speaker can we attract?
  3. What great band can we entice to play during our attendee party?
Sometimes we sweep the basics under the rug and when things go south...

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4 Simple Strategies Successful Event Architects Use to Create More Time and Space

Meeting planning was ranked as the fifth most stressful job by CareerCast. Anyone in the industry can immediately tell you why. A million time sensitive tasks need to get done and we’re constantly under pressure to produce bigger and better events each year. It seems nearly impossible to find time to fit in all of the work and to have enough ...

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A Day in the Life of a Meeting Planner

As a meeting planner you arrive at work early and scan through the 200 emails you received over night. You make it halfway down the list before your phone rings. It’s the venue. There’s a problem with the catering. Meanwhile, your coffee is getting cold, and you didn't even have a chance to drink it. There’s another call holding. It’s ...

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How to Reignite Your Flame To Defeat Post-Event Blues

You’re just back from your biggest conference of the year, trying to cope with the post-event blues that hit when the frenetic energy dissipates on the last day of the event. So many hours, so much energy, all channeled to the singular focus...

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How to Prepare to Exhibit at a Meetings Industry Trade Show

Are you a regular exhibitor at meetings industry trade shows? Are you getting back into the game or wondering why the ROI of your trade show experience seems to be dropping? Here are some personally inspired tips on how to prepare to exhibit at a meetings industry trade show in order to maximize...

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