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Making Speaker Management (Almost) Painless

Sign up for our webinar to learn tips to create a painless speaker management program. Watching a conference come to life after months of hard work is rewarding, but that joy can be quickly squashed by thinking of the millions of emails it took to get there. You're a strategist and a big thinker--you have bigger problems to worry about than constantly reminding each speaker or attendee to submit their bios or herding the cats (we mean graders) to review those abstracts.

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Market your call for speakers to get the best submissions

You’ve created a killer Call for Speakers form and are excited to start receiving entries for your next conference. Before you open your Call for Speakers, you may want to think about ways to increase the number of quality submissions you receive from industry experts. Don’t get stuck calling people begging them to speak! Instead, you want to have so many quality submissions, that you have to turn people away. Set yourself up for success by planning your marketing strategy in advance....

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Three Steps to the Perfect Call for Papers

The Call for Papers (CFP) is the foundation of your event. If you do it right, you will attract expert speakers and serve as a blueprint for the event as you build a content program that fits your strategic vision. Expert speakers attract high-quality attendees and top sponsors – it’s critical to start out on the right foot! ...

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Four Ways to Improve Your Abstract Review Process

Four Ways to Improve Your Abstract Review Process As a conference planner you know you’ve got to find the most excellent speakers possible. Strong speakers mean strong conference content—and compelling event content increases registrations and the overall success of the conference. It’s the dream of all dedicated conference managers. However, managing the abstract submission and abstract review process can be challenging. We’re here to help you get it right. After managing the abstract review process for dozens of clients and events, we’ve learned a few things that, when implemented, can greatly improve your results. Here are four tips for improving your review of speaker abstract submissions:...

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Casualty Actuarial Society Chooses Hubb

The Casualty Actuarial Society provides certification and ongoing education opportunities to experts in property and casualty insurance, reinsurance, risk management, and enterprise risk management. The organization consists of approximately 30 staff members, three of whom are dedicated to professional education. CAS offers annual meetings, seminars, webinars and online courses that allow members to earn...

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