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We've all been there. We wake up to find ourselves having a bad day. What's worse is the bad days always seem to coincide with busy and important ones. I generally don't dwell on these things, but I found myself doing so while attending a conference last month. After a fitful night of sleep, a bland breakfast, and an early morning email declaring a beloved project doomed, crawling back into bed sounded great.

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But finding the best platform for a virtual conference or event is easier said than done. For one, you have got to slog through a daunting field of potential candidates, carefully matching your needs with an exhaustive list of capabilities. Two, you want it to be simple and easy for

10 Tips for Selecting the Best Virtual Event Platform for Your B2B Corporate Event

A year on into the COVID-19 pandemic and things finally seem to be getting better. Cases, hospitalizations and deaths are way down from the winter highs, and many professionals are itching to get back to the in-person life that they enjoyed prior to the pandemic. But that doesn't have to mean ditching all the innovative progress that has taken place over the last year or so.

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Hybrid events leverage technology to create deeper engagement with a broader audience. They offer greater opportunity to customize experiences and a more data driven approach to event marketing — making it hard to ignore the benefits of hybrid events.

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