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Planning Resources: On demand webinars

Create Compelling Presentations for Your Virtual Event

Show off your story and your brand with beautiful slides that not only enhance your image, but also convey your ideas more clearly and persuasively. In this session, you’ll learn key design principles for effective presentation design, and see how to do it all using only PowerPoint.

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Crafting Your Virtual Event Media Battle Plan

Want to learn how to create energy and excitement for your next virtual event? Get ready to create a media battle plan to drive massive registrations. Start with some media basics and then turbo-charge your strategy with the latest techniques. Olivia Scott of Omerge Alliances, and a professor at NYU

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Virtual & Hybrid Event Sponsorship

Not Short on Change Here – Sponsorships Are Better Than Ever! Ah, the irony of a coin shortage in a world full of change. Your event format changed? So, what. Showcasing your partners as sponsors does not change. Sponsorship opportunities are alive and well in the virtual, live, hybrid, omni-channel

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Virtual Event Reporting: Everything You Need to Know

Virtual event platforms are a data goldmine. But a lot of this data is meaningless and simply unhelpful. How do you measure what really matters? In this session, learn how to get strategic about collecting and analyzing the “right” data to understand what is working and what needs to be

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How to Market Your Virtual Event Like a MoFo

It doesn't matter how mind-blowing your virtual event experience is, if nobody shows up. That's what marketing is for. We'll show you how to create a marketing strategy that will have people rushing to join and so excited that they bring their friends along. Join our upcoming webinar to learn

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Creating a Strategic Virtual Event Plan that Works

Virtual and hybrid events have a lot of moving parts. You cannot (or rather you SHOULD not) simply take your face to face event and plop it into virtual. Instead, this session will help participants uncover and prepare for the pitfalls you can expect when planning a virtual or hybrid

creating a strategic virtual event plan that works

Mapping the Audience Journey in a Virtual & Hybrid World

We all know the importance of creating audience profiles for our events (right?), and that same strategy applies when we want to take our events virtual, or layer in digital elements to create a hybrid event. This webinar walks you through, step-by-step, how to create meaningful audience profiles and how

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Convert Your In Person Events to Virtual Events

With in-person events cancelling all around us, it is time for the events industry to evolve. What better way than to take the experience we have producing in-person events and use that to create virtual events with the same strategy and execution? Events industry influencer, Will Curran of Endless Events

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