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Conference Planning Resources

Conference Planning Resources

Explore our library of free conference planning resources, from in-depth e-books to actionable checklists to best practice webinars.

Connecting two audiences across the digital divide, balancing live vs pre-recorded sessions, and creating moments of impact are just some of the production challenges we tackled at the Untethered Design-a-thon. Join three veteran event profs as they share the ideas they have tested. They will also discuss which production strategies

Production in the Age of Hybrid Events with illustration of production team doing a live broadcast

This is your ultimate guide to all things virtual events, with strategies and tactics for everything from budgeting and marketing, to what data you need to collect.

the ultimate virtual event playbook social graphic of two people working at a laptop

Show off your story and your brand with beautiful slides that not only enhance your image, but also convey your ideas more clearly and persuasively. In this session, you’ll learn key design principles for effective presentation design, and see how to do it all using only PowerPoint.

Create Compelling Presentations for Your Virtual Event Webinar Social Graphic

Want to learn how to create energy and excitement for your next virtual event? Get ready to create a media battle plan to drive massive registrations. Start with some media basics and then turbo-charge your strategy with the latest techniques. Olivia Scott of Omerge Alliances, and a professor at NYU

crafting your virtual event media battle plan social graphic

Our latest guide to Creating Attendee Engagement at Your Virtual Event outlines specific opportunities to help build community and foster engagement throughout the event lifecycle.

Creating Attendee Engagement at Your Virtual Event

We all know the importance of creating audience profiles for our events (right?), and that same strategy applies when we want to take our events virtual, or layer in digital elements to create a hybrid event. This webinar walks you through, step-by-step, how to create meaningful audience profiles and how

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Don't stress about getting sponsors for your virtual or hybrid event. Download our guide and arm yourself with a plethora of strategies to reel-in sponsors and keep them happy.

Virtual Event Sponsorship Social graphic

Let’s adapt, evolve and excel together! We’ve brought together industry experts to talk about creating virtual experiences that surprise, delight and engage. We’ll go beyond the conceptual and give you practical hands-on tips that you can walk away with and implement immediately. In this webinar we’ll cover: What key things

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