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Content Management

Content still reigns

Event content—whether you need to share it, your speakers or attendees need to send it, or the world needs to see it, we help you manage all of it.

Hubb offers a single place to collect, manage and market the event content that powers your conference.

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Hubb Event Content Management

Whether in-person or virtual, your event lives or dies by its content. Content management is where we got our start and our solution is the most powerful in the industry—trusted by some of the largest brands in the world.
Call for speakers

We’ll ensure your call for papers delivers—with a seamless process that increases your submission rate and simplifies your reviews.

Session management

Everything you need to execute on your event content strategy. Create sessions and tracks, assign rooms and custom roles—and publish it all instantly.

Speaker management

Empower speakers to submit their profile info, upload their session content, collaborate with the content team, see session feedback and more.

Automation rules

Stay on top of your speakers and staff with automated emails and task reminders.

Approval workflows

Make sure all the right people have reviewed your content with streamlined approval workflows.

Real time updates

Make sure your published content is always accurate with content edits that auto-magically update everywhere.

Single repository

Having a single source of truth for all your content helps you get your content up on the website faster, with fewer errors.

Personalized Recommendations

Offer recommendations to attendees, including what sessions to attend, other attendees to connect with and which exhibitors to visit.

Abstract grading

Review and rate your speaker abstract submissions to make sure you're getting the best content.

Empower Attendees

Allow attendees to come up with their own session topics and meet with peers to talk about it in a group discussion.


Easily assign a room, add a whiteboard or note-taking. Create your event exactly the way you want.

Less hassle

Avoid the time and pain of constantly exporting, uploading and making manual changes—not to mention reducing manual errors.

Curated Videos

Manage your video distribution with ease. Assign who sees what videos and when.

Agenda Builder

Build your agenda and publish it anywhere. All changes are reflected in real time everywhere.

Stay in control

Keep an audit log of activities and receive notifications when anyone changes content.

The Power of Connected Content

Using the power of connected content conference planners can streamline the entire program building process, from call to papers to final surveys.
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