Event Content Management

Hubb offers a faster way to select & manage the event content that powers your agenda. Save time on manual tasks and drive registration faster with up to date content from your sessions and speakers.

  • Event Content Management - Call for Papers & Abstract Grading 66% Conference Attendees

    Make their decision to attend only after learning about the session content and speakers for the event.

  • Manage to publish your event content faster 29% Faster

    This is how much faster your content will be ready to publish. Your marketing team will love you, and your attendees will register sooner.

  • Hubb save 65% of your event content management time 65% Time Saved

    with Hubb, which you can then invest in creating better, more meaningful events for your attendees. And getting your weekends back.

Call for Papers & Abstract Grading

Every conference starts here! Avoid manual data entry and thousands of emails by using Hubb Event Content Management’s online secure call for papers and abstract grading tools. Crowdsource your expert community for session proposals and request original session ideas. Gather speaker bios and profiles. Share the work and assign a grading panel to review it all. With several options to approve or deny submissions, you’ll never again be left with the chore of picking last-minute session topics or finding emergency speakers to fill your agenda.

Call for Papers and Abstract Grading

Call for Papers

  • Customized call for papers form & questions
  • User account creation with password recovery
  • Session submissions
  • Speaker profiles
  • Upload session documents & speaker pictures

Abstract Grading

  • Unlimited graders
  • Segment reviewers & assign by group
  • Custom scorecards
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Task & email management
  • Convert approved topics into official sessions with a single click
  • Visual real time reporting
  • Export into excel

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Speaker & Session Management

With an intuitive dashboard on your screen and automatic reminders with task management at your fingertips, you can stay informed and in control. Hubb empowers speakers to submit their profiles and credentials, upload their session content, and collaborate on the details with session owners, online and in record time. Create session tracks, assign rooms and time slots, and publish the key details to all of your marketing sources instantly.

Hubb Speaker Sessions Management

Speaker Management

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Update speaker profiles, photos and social media
  • Invite speaker assistants to edit
  • Edit session information & learning objectives
  • Task management with email notifications
  • Upload presentations & resources
  • File upload review & notifications
  • Submit AV & room set requests
  • Visual reporting & updates
  • Evaluation integration (let them see scores live!)

Session Management

  • Upload and import sessions
  • Unlimited session types
  • Custom permissions & questions
  • Create tasks & workflows
  • Update dashboards real time
  • Document storage
  • Email template reminders
  • Document review
  • Bulk downloading
  • Time slot management
  • Room assignment management
  • Single click updating & publishing
  • Visual reporting & updates
  • Analytics

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Personalized Experiences

Hubb’s Recommendations Engine offers personalized recommendations to attendees, including what sessions to attend, other attendees to connect with and which exhibitors to visit.

It offers opportunities for attendees to connect with experts, intelligently suggests the best content and speakers based on behavioral data, introduces exhibitors with better-qualified prospects, and provides location and venue data in order to present the best rooms for sessions.

As an event organizer, you can use this data to better understand attendees and improve your event’s ROI. All the behavioral data Hubb collects and analyzes paints a multidimensional picture of who event attendees are and what they want.
You can then use that information to improve engagement and enjoyment of their events.

Marketing Tools

Content is king! Don’t let it get locked behind the walls of your planning tools. With Hubb’s marketing tools, you will be able to  advertise up to date content for your sessions, speakers and sponsors on your website, mobile app, onsite digital signage and anywhere else  you need to provide up to date information. Avoid the thousands of manual emails and spreadsheets of the past and use the power of  connected content.

See event content marketing in action

Website Marketing Tools

  • Webpage or iframe of your sessions, speakers and sponsors/exhibitors
  • Filterable content allows your audience to find the content that convinces them to register
  • Analytics
  • Free open APIs & support

We play nice with others! Easy Integrations for:

  • Digital signage
  • Association management tools
  • Registration providers
  • Mobile apps
  • Evaluation providers
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