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Industry leading corporate conference planning software

Hubb corporate conference planning software enables corporate event managers to design exceptional experiences, whether virtual, in-person to hybrid.

It's not just a live-streaming or webinar toolits a full suite of event management tools powering the back-end, enabling planners to manager speakers, sponsors, staff and executive meetings.


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The Hubb Platform

Plan, build and manage your conference—whether remote or in-person—from start to finish with Hubb event management software.

Powerful Corporate Conference Planning & Management

Bring your brand to life—the Hubb platform enables you to create vibrant, branded experiences that will engage your attendees, support your sponsors and drive business forward.

Events drive business and sales pipelines, and Hubb gives you the data, analytics and insights from your events that help you move your business forward

No matter what happens, Hubb has you covered. Easily pivot from in-person to virtual, or layer in a digital component, with the click of a button.

Curated experiences

Offer curated experiences and personalized recommendations to attendees—use custom roles and behavioral recommendations to serve up a truly unique and personal experience.


Hubb is hosted in the cloud and can scale to meet the needs of any size event.  

Airtight security

Events are a huge investment and you need technology that is secure and reliable. Our platform has been used by fortune 100 companies with stringent security requirements, and we work to stay compliant with leading security certifications.

Event content–whether you need to share it, your speakers or attendees need to send it or the world needs to see it, we help you manage all of it.

Allow your sponsors to self-manage everything from company profile to requesting their booth location.

Easily manage and schedule your staff from a central location. Allow attendees to easily find experts on the solutions they’re looking for.

Connect your customers to your partner experts to deepen business relationships with meeting automation tools

Eliminate blind spots

Store all the event content in a single place and create a system of record for the conference agenda. Update content once and see those changes reflected in real time everywhere, and receive notifications when anyone changes content.

Play nice with others

Work with your favorite best-in-breed providers and integrate these across all your engagement channels. 

Avoid rework

Publish your own customized and branded agenda to your event website and avoid the time and pain of constantly exporting, uploading and making manual changes.

Level up your next event with Hubb
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