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Create Compelling Presentations for Your Virtual Event

The difference between good content and holy crap this s**** is life changing is how well that content is presented. So why is it that we just let our speakers use a hodge-podge deck they whipped up on the fly? Would you do that with the design of your virtual event?

Show off your story and your brand with beautiful slides that not only enhance your image, but also convey your ideas more clearly and persuasively. In this session, you’ll learn key design principles for effective presentation design, and see how to do it all using only PowerPoint. No, really. With plenty of real-life before and after examples, quick tips and tricks, and resources for reference you'll become a storytelling master.

Attendees will walk away with:

  • Techniques to create dynamic visuals
  • Develop professional looking designs for presentations and other content
  • Become a PowerPoint legend with ideas to make effective presentations quickly and easily


Richard Goring, Director, BrightCarbon

Richard Goring is the Director at BrightCarbon, a specialist presentation and e-learning agency. He has helped to write and create thousands of presentations, and coached hundreds of teams to present more effectively using visuals, diagrams, and animated sequences that explain and reinforce key points. He’s passionate about improving the way that people present and believes that anyone can deliver a great presentation if given the right techniques and a bit of practice.

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