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Creating a Strategic Virtual Event Plan that Works

Virtual and hybrid events have a lot of moving parts. You cannot (or rather you SHOULD not) simply take your face to face event and plop it into virtual. Instead, this session will help participants uncover and prepare for the pitfalls you can expect when planning a virtual or hybrid event and share best practices from planners who have gone before you.

This session will also explore the real conversations around money—what is realistic from a budget and spending perspective and how to talk with and to vendors who are trying to convince you their mobile event app platform is really a virtual option.

Participants will walk away with:

  • How to create a strategic virtual event execution plan
  • How to get buy off on that plan, your event goals, and how to sell the plan to any type of stakeholder, including management
  • Strategic virtual event execution plan template that you can copy and steal for your next conference or tradeshow

Presenters:  Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey, CEO of Nifty Method Marketing & Events, and Allie Magyar, Founder and CEO of Hubb

Just want the slideshow? Check out the presentation deck here.

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