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Hubb's flexible platform helps Audigy create a unique event that looked and felt different

Since 2004, Vancouver, WA based Audigy Group has partnered with private practice audiology and ENT clinics to help them manage and grow their businesses. “As a conference planner, I’m responsible for producing program content that educates, inspires, and connects our members,” said Casey Mirick, Audigy’s senior event manager.

Audigy members rely on a variety of events each year including Patients for Life and its annual Summit — a major industry conference that attracts from all over the country, features prominent keynote speakers, and offers a diverse menu of breakout sessions. “We want attendees to come away from the event with actionable business plans and the resources to follow through on them,” said Mirick.

When COVID-19 derailed our plans for an on-site Summit in Nashville, TN, Audigy had to pivot quickly to a virtual conference. 

Senior Event Manager at Audigy

Audigy Summit Virtual Event Welcome Lobby Screenshot
Breakout Session Screenshot with a man and woman presenting

When COVID-19 derailed plans for an on-site Summit in Nashville, TN, Audigy had to pivot quickly to a virtual conference. “The goal of Summit is to engage and connect participants, and our event theme was community,” said Mirick. “But we’d never done a virtual event before.”

A virtual event platform built by event planners, for event planners.

Choosing the right virtual event software was vital to the success of producing the Summit. Mirick quickly discovered the conference planning software marketplace was a crowded one. “There are so many platforms out there, but they all tend to look and operate the same,” said Mirick. “Hubb stood out. Every Hubb event looked and felt different.” Summit participants come to the event each year seeking different things, so they have come to expect experiences that fit their needs. “Hubb offered us an ability to customize that no one else could,” said Mirick.

"Hubb is just a very flexible, customizable platform."

Using Hubb’s virtual event platform, Audigy was able to create an immersive digital experience that fit its brand and met participant expectations. Beyond providing the ability to customize visual elements, breakout session management, and participant schedule creation, Hubb made it easier for Mirick to manage the conference as it was happening.

“At on-site events, if someone gets the wrong meal at lunch, you can fix it for them on the spot. Virtual event attendees need immediate help for different issues. If a participant can’t log in or access a session, I have to be able to resolve it immediately, not send off a support request and wait for help.”

“I wanted the event management experience to be as seamless and as quick as possible,” said Mirick. From quickly resending session invites to helping attendees with login issues, the Hubb admin portal empowers the conference planner to do all those things without issuing a support ticket.

“Hubb’s admin portal gives me full transparency and access. If I see something misspelled, like a keynote speaker’s name, I am able to fix it quickly and easily,” said Mirick. “Done, in less than five seconds.”

Data driven event demonstrates value.

Feedback about the event is also faster in a virtual setting. Post-event surveys are notorious for low rates of return and copious amounts of legwork. “Even if we sent out a quick survey via text or through an app, we were getting a fifteen percent return, maybe,” said Mirick.

With Hubb’s platform, participant feedback arrives immediately. “Throughout the event, we can send surveys with a couple of questions about a session or a speaker that provides us with granular, real-time feedback,” said Mirick.

If attendees opt out of surveys, their digital footprint at the event offers detailed insight about their interests and level of engagement. “We know their course schedules, browser history, and which sponsors they’ve engaged with,” said Mirick. “Even if they don’t offer feedback, we receive their feedback.”

That level of detail enables conference planners to demonstrate value in ways they never could before, building pipeline and targeting contacts for the sponsors. In a live event sponsors often have difficulty evaluating success; the amount of foot traffic in a booth or the quality of new contacts made. In a Hubb event, “We can show sponsors who attended sessions, who consumed their content, and who downloaded assets,” said Mirick. “That kind of data is just priceless.”

The biggest Summit ever

“We were hoping to get 700 people to log in and participate,” said Mirick. “We had 900 individual logins and that was huge for us.”

Audigy’s partnership with Hubb continues with regular virtual events. “I feel like the biggest asset to the Hubb team is that so many of them come from events themselves,” said Mirick “They understand the way that events are supposed to be run and are committed to consistently improving their product and platform.”

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