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Hubb helps LIGHTFAIR create their most engaging conference yet

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LIGHTFAIR International is the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. For more than 25 years, it has been the source for new solutions, new knowledge, and new practices in lighting, design and technology. LIGHTFAIR’s 2015 edition is expected to attract over 25,000 design, lighting, architectural, design, engineering, energy, facility and industry professionals from around the world. 500 of the world’s leading manufacturers will showcase their latest technologies and innovations in over 200,000 square feet of exhibit space.

The LIGHTFAIR team had three main goals in selecting a modern event content management system

  1. Provide web-based portals that enabled administrators, track owners, graders and speakers to perform their role-specific work and self-manage their own part of the content planning process.
  2. Create a single system of record for all approved content that could integrate with the conference web site and mobile application.
  3. Reduce the reliance on IT resources to build internal tools to fill gaps in the legacy content management system’s capabilities.

Because the conference committee and roster of speakers changed year over year, the solution had to be easy to use and enable a range of roles and users with varying levels of tech savviness to perform their work and tasks.

Hubb allows all the stakeholders involved with planning LIGHTFAIR content to use a single, intuitive system and more easily deliver LIGHTFAIR content to their attendees.”

Lightfair Conference Director


The LIGHTFAIR conference’s key challenge every year is to select the most engaging and educational sessions from the hundreds of session proposals received from their call for papers. Each year, a new conference committee selects and approves sessions. The small internal content team at Lightfair manages and ultimately approves all the speaker information and session materials.

Even though LIGHTFAIR had deployed a basic call for papers tool and used spreadsheets for session management to support their content management process, they still spent several hours per day making phone calls and sending emails to speakers to remind them to update and deliver content. Once the materials were received, LIGHTFAIR’s IT department had to make the session content available to the internal team and conference committee via FTP sites. They realized that they needed a new solution that offered more automation, self-service access, and integration capabilities.


LIGHTFAIR selected Hubb to meet its existing requirements and to plan for future needs. Hubb allows all the stakeholders involved with planning LIGHTFAIR content to use a single, intuitive system and more easily deliver LIGHTFAIR content to their attendees.

The LIGHTFAIR team and Hubb created a call for papers site that matched the conference branding. Potential speakers submitted nearly 300 session proposals using Hubb’s Call for Papers module. Grading questions were created and submitted session proposals were assigned for grading within a Hubb portal for the selection committee. LIGHTFAIR’s Conference Director and her team could monitor the progress of grading and accept sessions and speakers for the next edition of LIGHTFAIR.

The focus now shifted to enable track owners and approved speakers to self-manage their content within their role based Hubb Portals. Speakers could log into Hubb and update their own profile information, upload pictures and presentations for use in their sessions. Track Owners would receive notifications when new resources were uploaded and approve or deny the resources within Hubb.

Hubb is the best system that I have used thus far for our Call for Speakers process. It is a meeting planners dream! Hubb is the next BIG up and coming software and I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking.”

Lightfair Conference Director


Hubb has become an extension of LIGHTFAIR’s Conference Director. She is able to hand off work to the different stakeholders involved in the content management process with confidence. With the help of live and recorded role-based training sessions, each year’s new conference committee and new speakers get up to speed quickly on Hubb, requiring very little support.

During the four month period when she is actively managing content and organizing sessions, Hubb saves her 3-4 hours of work per day so she can “focus on what she’s supposed to do” instead of wrestling with spreadsheets and emails. Hubb has significantly cut down on the number of 15 hour work days for her and her team leading up to the event.

Once the conference content is finalized in Hubb, her team can easily publish the agenda to the LIGHTFAIR website without taxing her IT resources. Attendees can browse and search through sessions using a range of filters. Last minute changes are made in Hubb and automatically updated on the conference web site.

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