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Sponsor Exhibitor

Wrangle your conference sponsors and exhibitors like a pro

Lift the burden of sponsor and exhibitor coordination by allowing your sponsors and exhibitors to self-manage everything from creating their company profile to requesting their booth location.

Hubb empowers sponsors & exhibitors to take control of their event experience—and allows you to focus on creating an event that builds engagement and drives business forward.

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Hubb Sponsor & Exhibitor Management

Get your partners the value they crave out of an event sponsorship.
Customized dashboards

Create a custom dashboard for your sponsors and exhibitors so they know exactly what to do and when.

Custom roles

Providing different information for different exhibitor or sponsor types is no problem with unlimited roles.

Total control

Stay in control with change notifications and approval workflows.


Send automated reminders as deadlines approach.

Content library

Provide a single place for partners to upload content and marketing materials.

Booth selection

Streamline booth selection with automated waves and self-service online tools.

Visual reporting

Manage and monitor all your partners’ tasks and deliverables with visual reports.

Self-service portal

Empower partners to update their company profile, logos & social media info.

Powerful ROI

Deliver a better experience and ROI to your partners with detailed reporting and lead capture.

Give your partners the best possible experience

Level up your next event with Hubb
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