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Sponsors and

Exhibitors like a Pro

Sponsor and Exhibitor Management for Conferences

Lift the burden of sponsor and exhibitor coordination by allowing your sponsors and exhibitors to self-manage everything from creating their company profile to requesting their booth location. Hubb empowers sponsors & exhibitors to take control of their event experience—and allows you to focus on creating an event that builds engagement and drives business forward.

Exhibitor Management

With an intuitive dashboard on your screen and automatic reminders with task management at your fingertips, you can stay informed and in control. Hubb empowers sponsors & exhibitors to take control of their event experience keeping information up to date and uploading relevant content to prospective buyers. Create custom filters and search terms and allow exhibitors to tag themselves for additional marketing exposure. Create custom questions and tasks, streamlining the process for exhibiting companies pre-event and providing more information to attendees to make their onsite experience even better.

Admin Management

  • Customized dashboard
  • Unlimited exhibitor types
  • Custom permissions & questions
  • Create tasks & workflows
  • Update dashboards real time
  • Manage marketing & promotional opportunities (MPOs)
  • Document storage
  • Email template reminders
  • Document review
  • Bulk downloading
  • Booth selection management
  • Single click updating & publishing
  • Visual reporting & updates
  • Analytics

Exhibitor Management

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Update company profile, logos & social media
  • Upload certificates of insurance, T&Cs and other documents
  • Upload brochures, logos, and other resources
  • Upload review & notifications
  • Task management with email notifications
  • Digital order forms
  • Online booth selection
  • Visual reporting & updates

Exhibitor Marketing

Marketing your sponsors and exhibitors let’s them realize the value of  participating in your event. Don’t let your information get locked  behind the walls of your planning tools. With Hubb’s marketing tools  you will be able to advertise up to date content and handouts for your  sponsors and exhibitors on your website, mobile app, onsite digital  signage and anywhere else you can provide marketing value for your  sponsors & exhibitors. Avoid the thousands of manual emails and  spreadsheets of the past and use the power of connected content.

Take a sneak peek:

Website Marketing Tools

  • Webpage or iframe of your sponsors/exhibitors
  • Filterable content allows your audience to find the companies that matter
  • Analytics
  • Open APIs
We play nice with others! Easy Integrations for:
  • Digital signage
  • Association management tools
  • Registration providers
  • Mobile apps
  • Evaluation providers