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Explore our library of free conference planning resources, from in-depth e-books to actionable checklists to best practice webinars.

Virtual Event Reporting: Everything You Need to Know

Virtual event platforms are a data goldmine. But a lot of this data is meaningless and simply unhelpful. How do you measure what really matters? In this session, learn how to get strategic about collecting and analyzing the “right” data to understand what is working and what needs to be

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Virtual Event Sponsorship

Don't stress about getting sponsors for your virtual or hybrid event. Download our guide and arm yourself with a plethora of strategies to reel-in sponsors and keep them happy.

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Mapping the Audience Journey in a Virtual & Hybrid World

We all know the importance of creating audience profiles for our events (right?), and that same strategy applies when we want to take our events virtual, or layer in digital elements to create a hybrid event. This webinar walks you through, step-by-step, how to create meaningful audience profiles and how

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How to Market Your Virtual Event Like a MoFo

It doesn't matter how mind-blowing your virtual event experience is, if nobody shows up. That's what marketing is for. We'll show you how to create a marketing strategy that will have people rushing to join and so excited that they bring their friends along. Join our upcoming webinar to learn

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Convert Your In Person Events to Virtual Events

With in-person events cancelling all around us, it is time for the events industry to evolve. What better way than to take the experience we have producing in-person events and use that to create virtual events with the same strategy and execution? Events industry influencer, Will Curran of Endless Events

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Virtual Events Don’t Have to Suck Webinar

Let’s adapt, evolve and excel together! We’ve brought together industry experts to talk about creating virtual experiences that surprise, delight and engage. We’ll go beyond the conceptual and give you practical hands-on tips that you can walk away with and implement immediately. In this webinar we’ll cover: What key things

Virtual Events Don't Have to Suck

Virtual Events 101

Virtual events are having a moment. If you haven't looked at or thought about virtual events in a while this webinar is a great primer to help you get started. In this webinar Hubb CEO Allie Magyar and Evia CEO Hilary Laney cover off on everything you need to know

Virtual Events 101

Creating a Strategic Virtual Event Plan that Works

Virtual and hybrid events have a lot of moving parts. You cannot (or rather you SHOULD not) simply take your face to face event and plop it into virtual. Instead, this session will help participants uncover and prepare for the pitfalls you can expect when planning a virtual or hybrid

creating a strategic virtual event plan that works

Future Proofing your #EventTech Stack

A quality, future-proof event tech stack should deliver on the promise of efficiency and insights. You want to make sure you're investing in the right tools that won’t fail you in the years to come. Great News: We’re teaming up with Eventbase for the free webinar this month, “Future-proofing your

Future Proofing