Manage Conference Meetings with Confidence

Complex Event Meetings Made Simple

Events are the perfect places for your company’s movers and shakers to rub elbows with potential business partners, clients, investors and more. These meetings are critical for moving business forward and proving the value of your event. With Hubb Meetings, organizing hundreds (or even thousands) of executive, sales, ICW, and other meetings has never been easier.

Faster Deals

More Revenue

Happy Customers

Trusted by the World’s Largest Organizations

Facilitate Impactful Meetings

See who’s meeting with whom at which locations

Get rid of emails and spreadsheets

Automated approval workflows

Set custom roles and permissions

Manage room inventory

Create walk-up clinics

Meetings for the Enterprise

Single source of truth for all event meetings

Track influenced revenue

Robust partner ecosystem

Syncs with Microsoft Outlook and GCal

Maximize use of experts

Flexible to meet the needs of the largest events

Got Meetings? Get Hubb.

Need to enable your attendees to locate experts, or each other, and schedule side meetings? Coordinate executive meetings with ease? Manage ICW Meetings? The beautifully designed, easy to use Hubb Meetings has you covered.


Hubb Meeting Management Datasheet
Meetings Datasheet
Meeting Marketing Video
Meeting Marketing Video
Introducing Hubb Meetings

Now, meeting managers like you can manage these meetings with ease.
No more spreadsheets, no more endless emailing.

Not only can you manage and view everything that goes on, but, after your event, you’ll have a wealth of information—what meetings happened, the dollar value of those meetings, who was in-demand, what topics were hot, and more.

Hubb Meetings makes it easy for attendees to spend more time with your team, leading to deeper, more meaningful partnerships.

Maximizes your team members’ time – especially your experts and executives.