Manage Conference Meetings with Confidence

Meeting Management & Appointment Setting for Any Event

With Hubb Meetings, organizing side, executive, ICW, or other meetings has never been simpler. Conference planners can say goodbye to the spreadsheet nightmares for good. Get instant access to executive and meeting room availability and take control with granular permissions for different roles, rooms, and more. Now attendees, vendors, and more can manage their own schedules to maximize their time and enable them to have a productive, value-driven experience.

Hubb Meetings

  • Self-Service Set-Up—easily create every type of meeting needed at your event

  • Assign specific rooms and time slots

  • Create roles with custom permissions, including approvals.

  • Create custom fields to gather additional data or pre-qualify registrants

  • Full calendar integration—push invites to Outlook, Google or other calendars

  • Attendees can accept meetings or cancel them at any time

  • Easily find executives, experts or rooms for meetings

  • Limit size of meetings and where they can take place

  • Manage room inventory

  • Full conflict management across sessions, shifts and meetings


Hubb helps you:

  • Eliminate manual scheduling headaches

  • Make more efficient use of executive time

  • Maximize attendee and vendor time at your event

Hubb Meetings and Appointment Scheduling Solutions

Got Meetings? Get Hubb.

Need to enable your attendees to locate experts, or each other, and schedule side meetings? Coordinate executive meetings with ease? Manage ICW Meetings? The beautifully designed, easy to use Hubb Meetings has you covered.



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