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Hubb Launches on the Abila Marketplace for Nonprofits and Associations

Vancouver, Wash. – March 7, 2016 – Hubb today launched its online conference content management platform, on the Abila Marketplace, which provides nonprofits and associations with easy access to tools and services to enhance their existing Abila products. Now integrated with Abila’s association management system, netFORUM™, Hubb  automates the business process for collecting, managing and marketing the abstracts, speakers and sponsors for conferences and meetings. With Hubb, associations significantly reduce the administrative time for planning conferences, allowing event managers to organize and market their event content more efficiently and drive attendance growth.“Hubb’s partnership with Abila enables associations to leverage their investment in netFORUM to build their conference programs more easily and deliver engaging experiences for their conference attendees, speakers and sponsors,” said Josh Vande Krol, Hubb’s Chief Operating Officer....

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