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Teams & Tech: The Secret Sauce for Impactful Virtual Events

Now that you have a plan and overall budget, it’s time to build your team and your event technology stack. We’re here to answer your questions about experience design, the timeline needed to produce the virtual event, and which questions to ask about capacity and tech support.

This session will give key context and examples into best practices for technical equipment needed, what you’ll need to get started, where to look for vendors and partners, and finally the types of roles you need and what you must hire for when building your team.

Participants will walk away with:

  • They key questions to ask as you’re building your event tech stack
  • The big things to look out for (and how to avoid them!)
  • The most critical resources you need (and which ones are just nice to haves)
  • How to build your virtual event dream team
  • What the critical milestones for a virtual event are

Presenters: Ann Plana, VP Strategic Initiatives at eventcore, Rae Malcham, Senior Technical Project Manager at hubb, Jamie Timperley, President at Dynamic Events, James Monrean, Director of Production at Evia Events, and Allie Magyar, CEO of hubb.

Just want the slideshow? Check out the presentation deck here.

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