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Real virtual events. Real simple.

An immersive platform that enables attendees to browse sessions, build their own schedule and set up meetings.

  • Virtual lobbies
  • Live-streaming      
  • Concurrent sessions
  • Exhibit booths
  • On-demand content
  • Complete control over your event
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Webinars are not virtual events

Give your attendees the experience they crave with a virtual event solution that can do it all. Hubb is here to help you create meaningful connections with peer-to-peer networking, small group discussions and more.
  Virtual Webinar
On-demand/livestreamed content x x
Multiple concurrent sessions x  
Multiple session types x  
Real-time 1x1 networking x  
Detailed analytics x x
3D expo halls x  
Scalable to any size event x  
Can span multiple days x  
Custom experience by role x  
Immersive branded lobbies x  

Rich, immersive virtual experiences

We get experience design—we’ll help you build whatever kind of attendee or sponsor experience you want
  • Pre-recorded, live, and on-demand content
  • Personalized experience per attendee
  • Small, large group discussions
  • Allow attendees to create meetings and explore interests  
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Powerful engagement tools

Allow your attendees to connect in a variety of ways
  • 1x1 attendee meetings and chats
  • Virtual walk-up clinic or expert meetings
  • Round tables and small group discussions
  • Sync with Outlook and GCal
  • Automated approval workflows
  • Custom roles & permissions
  • Track influenced revenue
  • Get a holistic view of all virtual event meetings
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Content still reigns

A great virtual event starts with great content
  • Call for speakers’ submission forms
  • Vote on your speakers and topics
  • Speakers portal
  • Build and manage your agenda
  • Manage who sees what content and when
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Hubb does virtual better

NACVA just finished up it’s first of several virtual conferences and it was a great success on many levels. Part of that success comes from using the Hubb platform, which our attendees had a great experience with!

Diana Ridgeway, NAVCA

I'm usually a terrible virtual event attendee, but this platform has had me in lots of sessions and I'm more engaged than I've ever been.

Danielle Cote, Avalara

The highest attendance in its 30-year history

The Corporate Event Marketing Association promotes strategic event marketing and communications for senior-level event marketers and industry professionals. Among the highlights of its educational, professional development and networking opportunities is the annual CEMA Summit.


Hubb is here to help

You, too, can become a virtual event planning rockstar by signing up for an upcoming webinar or checking out our awesome on-demand library

Hubb - Your Virtual Event Platform

If you're looking to move beyond those boring, static webinars, you're ready for virtual events.

Unlike webinars, which require everyone to be logged in and watching at a certain time and place, a virtual event platform allows you to host a virtual event that works more like a real, in-person event -- complete with virtual lobbies and exhibit booths.

With Hubb, you get an immersive event platform that's always on. Instead of a one-time live viewing with on-demand access to follow, Hubb provides virtual event management where attendees get to choose their own experience, including the relevant sessions they'd like to view and the ability to set up their own meetings with other attendees.

Why Are Webinars Not True Events?

While many companies and organizations are happy to conduct webinars as a stand-in for real-life events, webinar technology hasn't really progressed in years. Other than disseminating information, a webinar is basically a static experience. For attendees, there's no interaction or unique experiences to be had -- and that's bad news for event-goers that relish the behind-the-scenes discussions. 

Without those various in-person opportunities such as networking or catching up with colleagues, many people may skip your event altogether. But with the Hubb virtual event platform, you can create a multi-faceted experience for attendees of all types, including those looking to have meaningful connections with peer-to-peer networking, small group discussions or to find their own niche.

What Types of Content Are Supported?

With Hubb virtual event management, you can capture the attention of your event attendees via three primary mechanisms: pre-recorded, live and on-demand content. If you have information that you'd like to disseminate on an as-needed basis, you can create all the pre-recorded content you'd like to help set the stage for your event. When you're ready to bring an audience together, live content is great for that inspiring speaker or intriguing panel -- or to unveil something new.

But all that valuable live content doesn't have to disappear once your event ends. The Hubb virtual event platform allows you to leverage your live content to attendees that were unable to make it to the original broadcast. On-demand content can be made available at any time for any sized audience so that you can get the most out of each piece of your entire event.

How Can We Engage With Attendees?

Most webinars are limited to a top-down dissemination of information as attendees log-on to listen and watch a discussion, instruction or some other type of information sharing. During the event, attendees aren't typically able to communicate with the presenter or each other, which can create a disconnect on behalf of the audience.

With a virtual event platform like Hubb, you can grant attendees the freedom to craft their own experience by giving them the ability to break out with other attendees and further discuss the issues of the day -- or to use the event as a jumping off point for their own discussion and insights. From round tables and small group discussions to one-on-one meetings and chats, Hubb allows the long conversation to take place, even while you're not actively running the event.

How Can We Control Our Content?

Traditional webinars are essentially an appointment to view a talk or discussion. But with the Hubb virtual event platform, you'll be able to go way beyond a one-time viewing of your most important information and content. By highlighting your live sessions as well as your great on-demand content once the broadcast has ended, you'll have even more ways to reach your audience.

Before any live sessions start, you can collect submission forms from all your speakers and panelists, increasing the knowledge base and information that you have to promote each piece. After the event, you can invite attendees to vote on their favorite speakers and topics, which can help you organize and plan your next event. Speakers can also interact with each other in the safe space of the speaker's portal -- and as the organizer you can pick and choose who sees what content and when.

What About In-Person or Hybrid Events?

With Hubb, you get a virtual event platform, an in-person event platform, as well as a hybrid event platform -- it's all up to you and the demands of your event or your audience. Whether you're looking to supplement your in-person events with additional opportunities online or you're looking for real management of a live event while everything's happening, Hubb is an inclusive platform that makes any sized event a wonderful, personal experience for all attendees.

From pushing out notices to drum up interest and support for your best speakers to Hubb's recommendation engine that highlights the pieces that attendees will be most interested in, it's easy to bring the fun and allow your event-goers to forge their own path while you focus on the big picture. Additionally, you can collaborate in real time with those working the event and automate your back-end process with a virtual event platform that makes it easy to do more with less.

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